The Toxic Truth

In the NaturBaker kitchen, we believe in doing what’s best for our health and for you while staying true to our mission of providing a new flavor of health

A key component of our desserts is the sweetener. We are never going to add sugar to any of our products. Instead, we use clean, safe alternatives that provide the sweet flavor you expect in desserts, without any of the side effects associated with sugar.

When we started, we chose to use a blend of monk fruit and erythritol. The blend is delicious, has zero blood sugar impact, and bakes very well, but over the months we heard some concerning feedback from you.

After hearing about these issues, we immediately decided to identify an alternative sweetener without the side effects. Luckily, we stumbled upon allulose and plan on using it to replace all erythritol in our products.

What Is Allulose?

Allulose is classified as a "rare sugar" because it is naturally present in a handful of foods. Wheat, figs, maple syrup, and raisins all contain it.


It has the same chemical formula as fructose (sugar) but is arranged differently. Your body is unable to process it in the same way it processes sugar. Because of this, allulose only has 0.4 calories per gram (1/10 the calories of sugar!) and it does not raise blood sugar or insulin levels.


Allulose has no known side effects and is one the of foods generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the US Food and Drug Administration. The FDA recently ruled that allulose does not need to be listed as sugar on nutrition labels, and instead marked as a carbohydrate.


Unlike erythritol, allulose has been shown to resist fermentation by your gut bacteria, minimizing the likelihood of bloating, gas, or other digestive problems, and it does not have the same cooling effect / aftertaste.

The taste and texture have been described as identical to table sugar. It is about 70% as sweet as sugar, similar to the sweetness of erythritol. Due to its lower sweetness, we blend the allulose with pure monk fruit extract to achieve a healthier, safe, and delicious sweetener for our desserts. 

For a quick overview of the characteristics of allulose, erythritol, and monk fruit, check out the chart below. 

Sweetener Chart.jpg

Overall, we’re very excited about the changes and are confident that we’ll be able to deliver an even better product! We’re hard at work to bring about changes that both you and we will benefit from in both our health and in our sweet tooth. We look forward to sharing the final results with you.

As we go through this process, we are extremely thankful for the support of our friends, family, and you, our Customers, and would love to hear your feedback along the way to make sure we hit the mark!


The NaturBaker Fam.